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The other day I witnessed a miracle.  My 8 and 6 year olds were practicing music…together.. For 15 minutes.  Not only did they stay focused, but they didn’t break into and argument and, here is the clincher, I was not in the room helping them!  The question I had to ask, “What happened, and how to I help it to happen again and again?” Right!  

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”   Sometimes we forget the “why” behind to “what we do” in our lives and the thing we started out doing with so much enthusiasm eventually loses steam and fades away.  This is true in workout plans, learning a new instrument, even in relationships, organizations and marriages.  We as humans need vision and purpose so we can push through the boring, the hard, the frustrating to get to the pay off at the end.  

Make sure that whatever you or your kids are doing, keep a steady flow of inspiration and vision in front of them so they can keep pressing in.  For music, make sure you are playing great music in the car and in the house.  My kids love music with kids singing and playing the instruments.  The answer to my kids practicing was simple, they are in a group playing instruments together with their friends.  They want to play with their friends and sound good so they practice.  Group lessons are a great place for kids that know some music already to play with each other.  This is not only a great place for them to learn teamwork and tempo, but it helps inspire them to keep practicing and keep growing.  It’s fun to play with your friends!  Keep a steady flow of vision in your life and in there’s.

What inspires you or your kids to keep playing music and creating? Please share in the comments below!

Jasmine’s Mini Performance

Jasmine’s Mini Performance

Kevin’s Mini Performance